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My USA Trip to Mike Paletta – „When your tank is bad – you’re sad“

9 von 10 Hundebesitzern lieben unsere Empfehlungen auf Zooplus!

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Lorenzo Spina 22. April 2023 um 17:03

The saltwater aquariums master 👑.


Bommie 22. April 2023 um 17:35

Man, Mike sounded like he had a ton of information to say. I want his books now!. It’s true. You never stop learning something in this hobby.


Nils Vestergren 22. April 2023 um 17:36

What a cool guy. So inspiring.


tincantelephone 22. April 2023 um 18:13

This should be a great video. I always thought Seafriendly videos were a bit short, though high quality. This is exciting, Mike is awesome


🌶️ Spicy Reef 🏄 22. April 2023 um 19:59

30+ years and has learned more in the most recent 4years… sounds like me!!!!


Stadt-Mensch 22. April 2023 um 19:59

True words. Only bad things happen fast……😂


Gabriel Trujillo 22. April 2023 um 20:19

Use to seeing Mike on American reef. This was a very refreshing video showing the broll and your interview style. A fantastic video! Well done. I enjoyed sit very much. ❤


Dances with Fishes 22. April 2023 um 21:45

Mike is a National Treasure


OU812 Reefing 22. April 2023 um 22:32

Have fun I absolutely fully agree 100% I’m trying to see how big my colonies will get not to sell them but to convince my wife to get a bigger tank and it would have been awesome to meet you Tobi again very informative and very inspiring 👍🍻🇺🇸


John Galactus 22. April 2023 um 22:42

My first marine aquarium book? „The New Marine Aquarium“ by… Michael S. Paletta! It was a time when Youtube/online sources were all over the place and I wanted something step-by-step in clear almost jargon-free explanation. The book is a great reference for newbies though the info is now a bit outdated (but still usable).


JAbraham 23. April 2023 um 07:22

It was the first marine aquarium book I ever read, too! I used to head over to my local library and flip through all the pages, poring over every detail. I still remember the Montipora tank, the tank with the purple and green clove polyps, of course the 20,000 gallon tank, the earlier iterations of David Saxby’s famous reef–and so many others. As soon as I saw his name in the video title, I suddenly remembered all of that.


Danny’s Coral Reef 22. April 2023 um 22:51

He has so many beautiful and amazing fish! 😍


reefkeeper2 22. April 2023 um 22:55

I often get questions on the videos I post about the sunroom I have my reef tank in and how the sunlight affects it. It’s all glass so there is large amounts of sunlight that gets into the tank. I think Mike mentioned it once in one of his earlier articles years ago. I wonder if he remembers it. Mostly I get asked about algae growth, but to be truthful, I didn’t see much difference from the tanks I had elsewhere in that regard. When the sun hits the tank, you can see how puny our lighting is in comparison to the sun. Great video and Mike always has useful information to give us.


Phil Cavallini 22. April 2023 um 23:58

Simplicity and consistency are the main words to take into the reef hobby as well as freshwater aquariums. #forzaitalia


D Mc 23. April 2023 um 01:03

Welcome to the US! I hope that you have a lovely visit!


Juan C Melendez 23. April 2023 um 01:13

Those tanks look insane. Seriously wanting to get back into the hobby. Ive been looking at tanks as i write this.


Jack 23. April 2023 um 02:53

Great vid! Great content! Great to see Mike’s tanks still going strong.


Rogue Aquariums 23. April 2023 um 05:23

Mike has been an instrumental figure in the Reefing works for many years now. Nice tour of his tank. Thanks Tobias


Queen City Reefs & More 23. April 2023 um 05:47

Great episode 👏🏻
Great interview 👌🏻


Adam 23. April 2023 um 12:51

Das Video ist ein Hammer!! Mehr davon Tobias!!


Russel Muldowney 23. April 2023 um 14:53

Mike is one my favorites


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